Dr. Gutwein is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who received his plastic surgery training from Indiana University.  In 2013, he was board certified by the American Board of Surgery.  He received his general surgery training at the University of Florida.  In 2007, he earned his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine.  Prior to that, Dr. Gutwein trained in engineering with a focus in biomedical engineering earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Purdue University.  He is currently a Professor of Anatomy at St. George’s University School of Medicine, in Grenada.


Dr. Gutwein is an avid researcher and inventor.  He partners with other bright minds inside and outside of medicine to help solve problems in medicine and surgery.  He has numerous peer-reviewed publications and five patents.  He is passionate about anatomy and was drawn to plastic surgery because of the breadth or freedom to operate throughout the body.  In order to achieve this, he trained in a surgical discipline for 9 years (8 clinical, 1 research) after medical school.


Dr Luke Gutwein.

Luke Gutwein, MD


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
General Surgeon

St. Augustine's Medical Services


American Board of Surgery Certified


Professor of Anatomy

St. George's University

Grenada, West Indies

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