Regenerative Medicine—Stem Cell Therapies


Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Scar Therapy, Fat Grafting, Breast Augmentation, & Chronic Wound Therapy


Regenerative medicine refers to a diverse set of therapies to restore irreparable tissue.  This field of medicine uses stem cells, which when derived from fat can be used for facial scar therapy, healing chronic wounds, and improving the success of fat grafts which are used for breast augmentation and reconstruction.


This is an exciting and evolving area of research, with much potential for plastic surgery.


Read more about the use of stem cells in plastic surgery and Dr. Gutwein’s vision for stem cell therapies at Grenada Plastic Surgery

Luke Gutwein, MD


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
General Surgeon

St. Augustine's Medical Services


American Board of Surgery Certified


Professor of Anatomy

St. George's University

Grenada, West Indies

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Grafting

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